HIME Japanese Lounge is a combination of the Japanese style snacks and lounge. In the lounge, you can enjoy drinks and the latest karaoke. HIME is located at first floor of the Life Centre in the middle of KL city.

Sedy mama, who fluent in Japanese language send a welcome greeting. The lounge is decorated in tones of yellow and purple that created an elegance ambience, and the space is exclusive.

There are enhanced counter seats where you can enjoy your drinks. The floor seats are relaxing sofa seats. Besides that, there are two private rooms.

These rooms are completely private room equipped with private karaoke. The rooms can be used to held private parties and for entertainment.

Room charge (Big Room) RM200, (Small Room) RM160
Please contact us for the reservation.

Business Hours

8pm – 1am
Closed on Sunday

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